Yukty Massage

Each Ayurvedic massage is complete with the use of warm medicated oils, each one specific for the costitutions and/or for the treatment.
The oils are prepared by the therapist, with base oil, plants, essences and spices of the best provenience.

The Yukty massage has been developed by the therapists Ayurvedic knowledge and their personal experience and studies. They Integrate energetic healing such Reiki, Light Language, Hatmara, plus special touch and manipulation that they discovered whilst sharing and exchanging massages with many therapists around the world. The oils used with the Yukty massage have a particularly wonderful aroma to heighten the experience.

The benefits from this treatment are:

Rejuvenation, realignment of bone and muscle structures, increases flexibility, strengthens the immune system, accelerates the lymph circulation and promotes the consequent detoxification of the body; elimination of blockages, promotes a greater mobility of the joints and enables a more harmonious and happy life

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