Teresa was born and raised in the Algarve and the desire to know more about life and the human dimension brought her in touch with Yoga, the Indian philosophical system. Since 2002, she has joined many different Yoga courses in India and internationally. She continues to travel to india annually to deepen her knowledge and practice. She is a Yoga teacher for both adults and children. Despite having had contact with various traditions and styles, she follows the tradition of the Bihar School of Yoga in India, also known as Satyananda Yoga.

Teresa's teaching method explores the different yoga techniques. she works with the asanas (posture), pranayama (breathing techniques), yoganindra (relaxation) and dharana (concentration) to develope an integral consciousness of the whole being, enabling her yoga practice to work with the physical, gross aspect, to the most subtle aspects of our personality, mind and emotions.



Originally from London, Kirsteen happened upon Yoga in 1990 whilst studying a BA in Textile Design and was quickly hooked by the sense of peace and well being she had a the end of the class. She started practising yoga at home and with friends and going to regular classes and happily made more and more space in her life, seeing it as a reliable friend to help her through the ups and downs, twists and turns of life. Her personal practice and the practice of teaching have been a wonderful, ever unfolding art of how to live in a nourishing, balanced and harmoniuous way.

After following a yoga apprenticeship in Australia for 6 months and completing the Sivananda Teacher Training course in Kerala, south India, she began teaching in 1998 and has enjoyed sharing her love of yoga with a wide variety of people from different backgrounds and different physical capacities, from school children, to city workers to atheletes to those suffering from burn-out and MS. Kirsteen also completed a 2 year teacher training course in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga with John Scott and is a tutor for Birthlight, teaching yoga for Pregnancy, Post Natal and Baby Yoga and Well Woman Yoga. Kirsteen enjoys teaching according to every individuals needs within each group, with warmth, humour and dedication. Her classes can be dynamic flowing or slow flow, focussing on finding the mediative quality of free flowing breath and movement combined. followed by deep relaxation.

Whether working with herself or with others, it's the everyday transformations - big and small, that Yoga brings that keep Kirsteen smiling and on the quest of discovery. It has given her reverence for life in all it's forms.

She is also a Biodynamic Craniosacacral Therapist.




Nicole is an experienced leader in childrens activities.  She grew up and graduated in Austria, moving to Portugal in 2006 and working in Education . She has a degree in teaching English and Visual Arts with post-graduate studies in translation. Nicole has many years of training and experience in theatre, theatre for children, experimental theatre, improvisation theatre, creative dance and corporal expression, acquired during more than 10 active years in various different theatre companies and projects in Austria, before she moved to Portugal.

In 2012 she founded the cultural association AMARELARTE (www.amarelarte.weebly.com), creating a collective space for children, where cultural and artistic ideas can be developed and grow, making use of her creativity and connecting education with arts and arts with education. Nicole has developed childrens activities for the Butterfly House that bring yoga and art together, yoga and drawing/painting, yoga and movement, colouring mandalas, yoga and stories and yoga and dramatic expression.

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Marlene started her path in yoga, 20 years ago. During this time, she always kept the practice of yoga as her daily routine, as well as attending  different styles of yoga classes in Portugal and in different places in Europe.
In 2012 Marlene traveled to India searching for deeper knowledge and experience in Yoga, and became a Yoga Teacher, certified by Yoga Vidya (AyurYoga) in Kerala (Yoga - YTT / YogaAlliance RYS 200) and by Paramanand Institute of Yoga Science & Research, in Indore - YTT (YogaAlliance RYS 300) plus Yoga Therapy – IAYT (International
Association of Yoga Therapists); She is also qualified in prenatal&postpartum yoga (Anne Sobotta) and baby yoga (ShunshineYoga).
She also broadened her knowledge trough massage, becoming a massage therapist, certified in Chiromassage and Therapeutical&Sports Massage (CEFAD) and Thai Yoga
Massage (ITM-Chiang Mai, Thailand). She is also specialized in Massage in pregnancy&postpartum (Marjorie Sa - Thai4pregnancy) and an infant massage
instructor (APMI).
She fluently speaks portuguese, english and italian.




As a seeker, the human pursuit for self-knowledge led Carolina to stumble across Yoga. Since then, the eight fold path of Yoga has naturally become her sadhana, an important part of her daily routine. The first steps towards this vedic science of self-realization, put her in contact with Ayurveda. It was love at first sight and she absorbed both disciplines, which are interdependent and powered  when associated. After finishing her degree in journalism and her first professional graduation in Ayurvedic therapy, Carolina flew to India to spend 6 months immersed in their culture, traveling and deepening her knowledge. When she returned home, she taught at a Yoga Studio until she established her own Yoga and Holistic Healing Centre in São Paulo city.     


In these 12 years, many positive transformations took place in Carolina’s life thanks to Yoga, Ayurveda and all the ancestral wisdom she had learnt, which gave her the ability to make wholesome choices. In Brazil, she began her studies of Ayurveda with Dr. Luis Guilherme and continued later on with Dr. José Ruguê, taking also a Panchakarma Training in his ashram. In India, Carolina studied with Dr. Pradnya and Dr. Mandar Akkalkotkar and spent 3 months studying Ayurveda and Yoga Therapy at the Asha Yoga Peetam Trust, an Ayurvedic hospital that also owns a natural pharmacy, in Tamil Nadu. In Igatpuri, she attended Vipassana at the Dhamma Giri Meditation Centre, where she felt the incredible power of this technique. Back in Brazil, Carol studied Indian Massage with Erick Schulz and attended a massage therapy course according to Chinese Medicine at EOMA, where she learned Shiatsu, An-má, Lymphatic Drainage, relaxing massage and Reflexology. She also received a Reiki initiation and a Deeksha transmission and training, to work as an empty vessel for the universal energy to flow to the receiver. As a yoga teacher, she explored many traditions and different practices over the years, but took refuge in Satyananda’s teachings, following the lineage of Bihar School of Yoga.


Carolina acts according to the systemic thinking: believing the whole to be more than the sum of its parts, she considers the human being as a complex web of relations. So the healing process goes through perceiving ourselves as something more than just a body and a mind, reintegrating the individual into the cosmos. She uses massage, nutrition, yoga techniques and other therapeutic methods to encourage the patient to reconnect with their innermost self. Her intention is to be a facilitator, stimulating change in people’s lives through self-knowledge and self-improvement. Her approach will always be of transformation towards an integrated self.   

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