From October until June, The Butterfly House offers our guests the chance to nurture themselves in the warmth of the sun, with a selection of Ayurvedic treatments combined with daily yoga sessions and a nutritious vegetarian breakfast to start off the day.

In between the yoga, relaxation (yoganidra), Ayurvedic treatments and massage, our guests can rest in the gardens, read a book in one of the hammocks, take a walk through the beautiful surrounding countryside or nearby beaches. This retreat is designed for those wanting to get away from the stresses of everyday life and nurture yourself back to feeling balanced and rejuvenated.

All our therapists are highly qualified and will be there to advise you individually, so that you gain maximum benefit from the retreat.

" I wanted to say thanks so much for such an amazing experience, it was actually life changing and we had a really strong connection to the environment and to everyone we met there. Thank you for hosting such a brilliant and spiritual experience and for sharing your space with us. We will return next year and I already have recommended your gorgeous place to friends at work that want "a bit of what I'm having" "

Sophie London U.K

With a minimum stay of 3 nights at The Butterfly House Quinta, with it's gardens, terraces and beautiful yoga platform surrounded by an orchard. The package includes: 3 nights accommodation, 3 healthy breakfasts, 3 morning yoga classes (1 hour 30 mins) and 3 of the Ayurvedic treatments listed below, one to be taken everyday. An optional daily afternoon yoga session is offered at an extra charge.


Ayurvedic Wellbeing Massage

Massage therapy works as a gateway to our innermost self. Through touch, all tensions accumulated in the body are released, allowing the life force – our body’s intelligence – to flow freely. By mixing articular maneuvers, stretching, pressure over marma points (energy centers) and other techniques to manipulate the muscles, the therapist directs the treatment in order to remove the blockages that rigidly shape our body, mind and emotions. The vegetable and aromatic oils are chosen according to one's own constitution, so each massage is individually tailored to work with your needs, promoting purification, balance, relaxation, revitalization and strengthening the organs. The purpose is to integrate body, mind and spirit; energy and consciousness.  Duration 1 hour 30 mins


Is a procedure of external oleation followed by an exfoliation of the body. The procedure is done with silk gloves and a herbal paste made of fresh herbs, camphor, salt and vegetal oil. It refreshes and stimulates the skin and lymphatic system, enhancing blood circulation and the release of accumulated toxins, leaving the skin supple and glowing. Garshana also purifies our energetic field, promoting lightness of being. Duration : 1 hour 20 mins 


A container made of dough placed on a specific region of the body and filled with warm herbal oil. The oil pulls out negative energy, physical toxins and balance the doshas. The treatment is followed by a local massage.  Duration 1 hour


- Hrid Basti: A warm oil retainer placed on the heart chakra, a vital marma point. It's excellent to pacify high Vata in the chest, rejuvenate the heart, regulate cardiac functions, improve blood circulation and the breath. It also balances the emotions, relieving deep seated repressed stress and feelings of grief, anxiety, anguish and fear. Promotes a sense of peace and happiness.


- Chakra Basti: It's applied to the solar plexus, on the umbilical region. It balances the digestive fire, improving digestion and absorption on a physical and subtle level. Also strengthens the will power and helps to release anger.


A traditional corporal massage made with cold pressed vegetable oils that promotes benefits similar to physical exercise. Through the touch, the autonomous nervous system is balanced, provoking the relaxation of the mind and the muscles. Besides centering Vata and improving the biological functions, the massage also nourishes the tissues of the body, lubricates the joints, tones up the muscles, improves the blood circulation and the energetic flow and also helps to develop corporal consciousness. Duration 1 hour


COST of the holiday

Package available from November until early June

Single person occupancy cost: 695 Euro, to include 3 nights accommodation, 3 healthy breakfasts, 3 yoga session, 3 Ayurvedic massages or treatments.


If the package includes the above and 6 yoga sessions instead of 3 (morning and late afternoon classes): Cost 770 Euro per person

Any further nights are charged at 140 Euro per night to include accommodation, breakfast and a yoga class (1 hour 30 mins). Further Ayurvedic treatments can be organized at an extra charge.

Package as above for 2 people sharing  Cost:  1030 Euro (515 Euro per person)


with 6 yoga sessions instead of 3 (morning and late afternoon classes: Cost 1105 Euro  (552.50 Euro per person)

Any further nights are charged at 155 Euro per night (77.50 Euro) to include accommodation, breakfast and a yoga class (1 hour 30 mins). Further Ayurvedic treatments can be organized at an extra charge.



Nurturing Ayurvedic Retreats