Muri Marma Abyagam

The Muri Abyangam Massage is a special sequence of manipulations in which the joints of the body are activated through specific movements: rotations, bendings, rockings, realignements and vibration.

Muri Abyangam helps the joints to become flexible and vigorous, strengthens and stretches the cartilages, eliminates tension and helps to release traumatic , rheumatic, respiratory, circulatory, joint and psychosomatic disorders.

The Marmas (vital points) are a very important part of Ayurvedic anatomy and surgery. A Marma point is defined as an anatomical site where flesh, veins, arteries, tendons, bones and joints meet up. There are 107 Marma points throughout the body. Each point has it’s own intelligence and consciousness, which co-ordinates with the mind and body

Through acupressure and subtle massage with medicated oil, the  Marma points are stimulated to unlock, relax or energize the physical and emotional body. 
Stimulating or massaging the marma points gives benefits to the area of their locations and improves the function of the connecting organs.